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Chuck Chicken: Magic Egg

Chuck Chicken is on a mission. Defeat his nemesis Dee, Don, Dex, Dr Mingo and more in this exciting and fast-paced puzzle platformer game.

Chuck Chicken is a worldwide kids and tweens animation brand with over 2 billion views.

In this game, throw your egg, and watch as it bounces from wall to wall, defeating your opponents.

Collect magic eggs to transform Chuck into his alter ego super hero. For example,

  • Acquire the Rhino Punch egg, to punch through armored tanks.
  • Transform into Eagle Eyes to save hostages.
  • Use the Stinky Skunk ability to make nearby enemies faint.
  • Use the Speeding Cheetah to run up heat on frozen hostages.
  • Become the leaping Toadfish to swim pass the water pool.
  • Transform into the Rubber Snake to reach enemies easily with your elastic hand.
  • Transform into a Miniscule Rat to shrink in size, to pass small holes.
  • Turn into an Invisible Chameleon to avoid laser detection.

For every level completed, earn stars to unlock cool collectable Chuck Chicken cards.


  • Very engaging Chuck Chicken theme, complete with original music soundtrack and voiceover dialogue.
  • Over 30 challenging levels. Learn and adapt to changing levels, while mastering new Chuck Chicken superpowers.
  • Funny Chuck Chicken dialogue and banter with his enemies.
  • New chapters to be added soon.
  • Interactive tutorial.
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